Monday, October 27, 2008

So much fun . . .where do I start . . . ??? Here is MEXICO!!

Alyssa, Lexi, Taylor, & Annie
Lexi & Alyssa - who both lost a tooth at this moment!!!!
The girls with their favorite LISA!!
Swingin' on the balcony of our room!!!!

All the dads got sucked into cheerleading!!

Me, Lexi & Bailee on the plane

Talk about MOMS - Yes it is me that is lossing my TOP!!!
Collin and Charity
John and Kaden in the OCEAN!!!!
John went deep sea fishing ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!  They caught some amazing Barracuda and some sea sick stomachs!!  
My little LEXI
Goggle Man - he wore these all the time!!!
Kaden & Trent in the Kiddie Pool
Lexi & Emma  - Don't they look like sisters???
John and Josh - We laughed so hard we about DIED!!!  This is only one pic of MANY!!  We were out shopping in the streets of Playa Del Carmen
Lexi, Colby, & Christian at the Birthday dinner for John (all the little 7 year old girls TOTALLY LOVE Christian!!!!)
Emma & Wil, Lexi & Kaden, Bailee & Trent


The Powells said...

sooo much fun!!!! i wish i was in mexico

Marni said...

Looks like you had such a fun time. My kids would have died over the Nacho masks. I hope you bought one for a costume. So fun!

Kaden and Alexis

Kaden and Alexis