Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The BOAT is out and READY!!

We are getting ready to head down to Lake Powell!!! We have decided that with gas prices this year we are going to give up boating and start FLOATING!!!

With our anniversary coming up we have even booked a cruise for John and I!! We will be heading to the Western Carribean on JUNE 4th!! Yeah that nails the ol' birthday too! What a smart man he is!!!! Thank heavens for Mom's cuz mine is taken my kids. They are doing so good!! Lexi has finished all of her dancing and has try outs next week. Kaden is up at the little gym in their sports class and Karate has ended for the year. However, it resumes for summer session in June. They are growing so fast. I am amazed at how much Lexi and I are not just mother and daughter but "best friends"!!

WOW!!! It has been a long time!!!

My how time flies!!! Here is the update on Steve - he has undergone 3 treatments of chemo and is doing well - he has at least 2 more to go. Each treatment is about 6 days long and they happen every 4 to 6 weeks. He is up at the Huntman Cancer Center and is staying strong!!!

John has had to take over his business which has been very overwhelming, but he is rockin'!!! He has sold 3 drill rigs himself and help to deliver others for his dad - NO COMPLAINTS!!!! :) He is still doing his Real Estate and has kept it going even in the down market!! With both businesses we are not quite sure which direction we are going to go . . . that is to be determined!!!

Kaden and Alexis

Kaden and Alexis