Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Things have been so busy getting a few minutes for the computer is nearly impossible. We are excited about Steve coming home and no one more than LEXI!! Grandpa is "her guy" and this news has been very hard on her. She is vastly mature for her age which kinda freaks me out!!! John and I went to Vegas for the CONEXPO and then on to Phoenix to visit Steve. John has had a overwhelming amount on his plate but he seriously is amazing!!! I am so proud of him.

Lexi has begun her first competition season as is just awesome to watch!!! She is so talented!! She even recently performed at the Drill Team year end show at Hillcrest. My do I feel OLD!!!

Then there is my little Kaden - forget terrible two's - THREE's ARE WORSE!!! So mischievious yet so darn cute!! He is doing well at karate goes to the sports class at little gym. He listens so well in preschool - too bad he doesn't at home!!!

It is time to get the boat out and the four wheelers going - summer is our time!!! John and I are planning a little get away in June and are still on track to go to the Mayan Riviera in October with the kids!!

Steve Wilson

John's Dad was released from the hospital yesterday and will hopefully be returning to Utah this weekend. He will have several more rounds of chemo to go through, but is doing well!!!! Thanks to our friends for ALL of their support - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Kaden and Alexis

Kaden and Alexis